Our services cover complete lifecycle of a building development - 
starting from development idea until the keyturn.

Project management and cost controlling


A building investment is a major event in lifecycle of any kind of company, thus it is very important that the complete investment procedure should be led by hands of experts. It is also important to define in advance its strategic structure and also roles at design and construction period.

Project management

It is important to keep balance between Client demands and developing design or the building under construction. Role of project manager is to ensure the balance and also satisfy legal background of the process.

Cost controlling

Even if design procedures are done with the highest attention, there might be extra costs that arise from corrected / modified Client demands or factors that were unknown at design period. It is important to treat and keep these costs on a reasonable level.

Procurement support

At the tender procedure Client has the best position to reach the best balance of technical content – development cost relation. We offer an efficient support in finding this point.

Technical supervision


Technical supervisor has a well defined role, tasks and resposibilities, in the construction process by law. The most important is to achieve construction works to follow design, and also to ensure realization of contracted quality, time and financial parameters. Technical supervisor is the eye and right hand of Client on the construction site.

Quality control

It has an outstanding importance in future operation of the building, that designed materials and technical solutions are realized even at those parts, where structures are covered at construction works.

Schedule and cost control

There are visible signs of schedule and financial problems of a construction project. In this case it is important to keep steering position of Client with modification of financial plan and contractual annexes.

HSE control

It is a primary goal of any development projekt that every person working on the site should get home safe at the end of the day. We have an advanced methodology and proper routine to ensure this goal.

Complete design


Design process is the place where Client demands are transformed into technical documentations. In some development projects we cooperate with external expert to reach green certificate (LEED / BREEAM), and most cases we ensure collision free layout of structures and systems with BIM design technology and also support construction processes.

Permit design

After processing Client demands we prepare all necessary architectural plans and technical descriptions of disciplines to create a design documentation that is suitable for permitting.

Permitting support

Permit design includes preliminary personal meetings with authorities to ensure proper design package for permitting, and also includes control and support of permitting procedures.

Execution design

Based on prior design phases and the building permit detailed execution design is prepared for all necessary disciplines, which are suitable for execution works on construction site.

Technical consultancy


At starting point of a project - which can be buying a property or can be a greenfield development - it is important to know all available technical information regarding the property. It is an advantage for the Client if data is collected from available documentations and databases, and also site visits conclude in technical report. It is worth examining a real estate as good as possible if millions are to be spent on it.

EDD and TDD studies

Basic goal of environmental and technical examination of real estates is to avoid surprises in technical parameters or aspects. In some cases consequences of a bad finding migh be important.

Operation expertise

There are cases when a property that is operated for (tens of) years, a minor investment might cause a major saving. Also available subsidization possibilities are worth a check.

Renewable energy

Every property has a potential of application of renewable energy sources. The only question is the payback period that corresponds the investment. Most cases it is worth a calculation.

The basis of a successful execution is a
well-defined conceptual design.

Business cases

Our services are available in specialized and extended format
to meet the most frequent market demands.

Utilization of existing buildings


As companies develop, it causes necessity to accommodate new technologies in existing or newly bought buildings. However to accomodate a new function or a production line properly, the layout should be verified first in a computer model.

Building survey

Our team executes the building survey with a modern, 3D scanning method, where the resulting point-cloud is transformed into reliable geometry model of the building. This can serve as a base of the following precision design process.

Functional design

In cooperation with the Client we form a layout that suits best to the new function (based on eg. the geomerty of logistic or production lines) in a joint model.

Execution design

As the result of the process there is an execution design that fulfills all defined requirements, where eg. connection points of supply systems are placed at optimal position of the production lines, thus minimizing reconstruction efforts and costs.

Design and construction combined (Design & Build)


In the Design & Build case Client gets a guarantee to have a development project with conscious design, very short duration and highest efficiency. One condition of this scenery is to have a cooperation between design and construction teams that is closer than average.

Key parameters

The main task of Client is to define basic parameters regarding the building as wide as possible, based on this design and contracting should be possible to perform. We support this procedure with decision preparation study and cost estimation.

Design tasks

Based on defined Client demands design procedure and also construction preparations can start parallel. After Client approval and building permit release, the projekt can continue with detail design and construction.


The design team releases design packages of disciplines based on a schedule, this way due to overlapping construction stages with design efforts, all stages can start and it is possible to reach handover earlier.

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